Refurbishing Old CNC Foam Contour
Cutting Machines

Today’s foam business is much changed since even 10 years ago. A decade ago the business environment was more stable, with big accounts and large orders common place. It did make sense for companies to make investments in a new, expensive contour machine. At that time there were not many other choices, quality second hand machines were less costly but difficult to find. Our experience with second hand equipment is that quality contour cutting machines are rarely available, good equipment is an asset that companies typically hold on to. Second hand equipment that is available typically has mechanical problems, needing costly service or parts replacement. The second hand machine is typically available because the company is looking to sell it to free up cash to purchase a new machine. Not many companies, if any, were offering to refurbish old machines.

Today the foam business is more volatile and unpredictable, with fewer accounts and smaller orders. Now it does make sense to think of refurbishing your machine or purchasing a refurbished CNC machine.

We are experts in refurbishing CNC machines. Let us complete a make-over of your CNC machine and we will return to you a CNC machine that is "almost" new, improved, and ready to provide years of reliable service much cheaper than the cost of a new CNC machine.

  • Refurbishing process of a CNC contour machine consists of the following:

  • * Complete disassembly of the machine.
  • * Replacement of all worn out parts with new ones.
  • * Mechanical upgrades or improvements if needed.
  • * Complete new paint job.
  • * All new electrical wires.
  • * All new CNC controller
  • * New PC based Control computer running on Windows platform that can be easily networked and remotely access and troubleshoot if needed.
  • * New AC Servo amplifiers, motors and cables.
  • * All programming and nesting software is included (more information).

We have a great number of refurbished machines in operation today all over the country, constantly improving the technology.

The refurbishing process practically gives the machine a new life, with modern technology that is not proprietary. It is open architecture and can be easily integrated with other software packages as they become available or upgraded in the future. It gives the machine new machine reliability for a much lower price that even second hand machines.

Refurbish 1

Refurbish 2

Refurbish 3

Refurbish 4

CamSoft Software and Benefits

• World class technology and cutting edge performance.
• Interfaces with Galil motion CNC controllers and is recommended by CamSoft. Galil is well known worldwide for easy to use high performance and reliable CNC technology.
• The screen can be customized for the machine it controls with customized data windows and action buttons. Icons can be created with the exact wording or picture commands that it controls.
• There is a large area for graphic visualization of the program in real time.
• Visual and audio warnings for certain operations such as knife breakage or a limit overload switch trip.
• There is extremely smooth cutting without any jerky movements.

• There are customized machine cutting parameters that are of the customer’s choice. Changing the machines behavior such as acceleration, deceleration and cornering strategies depending on the material being cut are the operator’s choice.
• The “Smart Path” feature, which is a patent pending technology, makes possible a perfect tuning of the machine that automatically adjusts cutting parameters in real time for maximum speed and the smoothness of cuts possible. Efficiency and quality of the cuts are easily seen.
• There is direct DXF cutting capability.
• The “Dry Run” mode will simulate a real program in real time in real cutting speed.
• There is a “backtrack” of what’s been cut capability.

We have artwork to DXF which allows the conversion of graphic (raster) type files to DXF (vector) files. Images can be scanned from photos, logos, and artwork or imported directly from graphics or drawings and after a quick conversion to these images can then be cut by the machine. We have very fast processing capability which can cut up to 122,000 inches per minute cutting speed. This is far greater than any machine mechanics can achieve.

Included is the best and most complete real time remote diagnostics and troubleshooting that allows the technician, via internet, to service and repair the machine from anywhere if needed. This feature can be complemented with a real time audio and video link between the customer and the technician for better and faster results through an actual visualization communication of issues.

We have dual screen capability of the machine monitor. One screen will show the machine in operation and the other can be used for instant messaging where the machine can notify the operator automatically via cell phone or pager of the machines status. This message can be triggered by any event such as end of program, number of parts cut, limit switch trip or blade break.

We include a nesting feature and all parts are US “off the shelf” for easy replacement whenever necessary.

There is nothing proprietary about any of our machine or the operating systems.